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AEC Society
Market Drayton, Shropshire

AEC Society

The AEC Society was founded by enthusiasts of the marque in 1983.The AEC Works at Southall in Middlesex were closed down in 1979, but AEC will forever be remembered as one of the most respected marques in the British commercial vehicle industry.

The Society has grown to be one of the largest clubs in the country with a specialised interest in commercial vehicles. The Society caters for many interests, including vehicle preservationists and operators of AEC vehicles both at home and abroad.

Many former AEC employees are members, along with transport historians, photographers, journalists and former AEC operators, drivers and mechanics. Many members are enthusiasts who have happy memories of AECs operating in their own locality, or who took an interest in a particular haulage or passenger fleet.

Membership of the AEC Society is open to anyone interested in the marque.


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