6/80 & MO Club
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

6/80 & MO Club

The aim of the 6/80 & MO Club is "The preservation of the Wolseley 6/80, Wolseley 4/50, Morris Oxford Series MO, Morris Six Series MS, and Commercial Derivatives".

The club was formed in 1977 by the amalgamation of the Morris Oxford and Wolseley clubs which were in existence at the time. This unification was an entirely practical move as all the Morris and Wolseley vehicles which were introduced at the 1948 Earls Court Motor Show shared a common Issigonis design and, consequently many common parts. This even extended to commercial vehicles like the J Type van which is based on the Oxford.

The Club has over 300 members worldwide, with a particularly strong following in ex-Commonwealth countries as a result of a British government "export or die" dictate in the immediate post-war period when the availability of raw materials for car production depended entirely on the percentage of products exported.

The club generally holds one combined national rally and AGM event each year in the UK.

If you don't yet own a car, you are still very welcome to join as an Affiliate Member.


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