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Aberdeen & District Motor Club
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Aberdeen & District Motor Club

Aberdeen & District Motor Club (ADMC) is best known for the Granite City Rally, one of Scotland's leading motor sport events. The club with a strong heritage, a reputation for enjoyable competition, and a name for producing winners, whether at local class level or nationally.

We are one of the oldest motor clubs in Scotland, having been formed in 1909 to run both car and motorcycle events.

ADMC members have become the country's top rally drivers, leading rally navigators, and produced winners and leaders in the different branches of the sport, not just in competition, but also in the organisation and running of motor sport events.

Whatever your interests, objectives and budget there is a form of motor sport for you. ADMC is the premier club in the North-east of Scotland for autotests, sprints, navigational rallies, forest stage rallies and many other aspects of motor sport.


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